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There are a few details to consider if you want to do Fantastical Thinking most effectively and successfully:

  • You need to understand how you work and the potential of what you can do. (see the WHAT section)
  • You need to consider the constraints and mechanisms that are in operation and how to use these to your advantage. (see the WHY section)
  • You need to know what you LOVE. (see this HOW section)

The purpose of this section is to give you an introduction to the nature and potential of your being and encourage you to develop your own Self-awareness and Self-empowerment. The more power you realise you have, the more responsibility you own, the more you can get involved in creating your world through the choices you make rather than feeling frustrated that you are living a life that has been created by choices made for you by others.

You don’t need any equipment to get yourself in a state to do Fantastical Thinking. You are already the most complex instrument we know of to conduct, transform and measure energy. To do Fantastical Thinking most effectively it is not just about using the tools or following the rules, it is about being in the right state when you do it. To get into that state you need to be:

aware of your SELF in the form of the thoughts, emotions and sensations you experience;

exercising your choice over what you allow to manifest through you;

operating with integrity (which means working towards the solution for the good of all – not just yourself);

To do Fantastical Thinking effectively you need get yourself into a calm balanced centered state, preferably in meditation, and allow yourself to dream big about what would be the most fantastic scenario you can imagine, free of any limiting mind-talk, fear or doubt. You allow yourself to experience the thoughts, emotions and sensations that go with that scenario. In that moment you are held in a real experience which you consciously register through all aspects of your Self. As you do this, you are changing the information (energy) that is present in every cell of your body. You physically change your reality. As you do this on a regular and continuous basis, you use your conscious choice to move yourself towards the reality that you want.

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