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What Is Fantastical Thinking?


Fantastical Thinking is fantasy grounded in reality with integrity. It’s a fusion of fantasy and thinking which allows us to create the best possibilities for ourselves and for others whilst still dealing with the demands of every day.


Fantastical Thinking is achieved by combining the natural activities of the mind and the conscious use of integrity to generate options and solutions that are appropriate for everyone involved. Operating with integrity helps us to make our fantastic ideas real in a way that fits in with our core values. It is the logical discernment that is possible with balanced, rational thought that helps us manifest that change with integrity.


To ground our great ideas they need to be workable in the ‘real’ world. We exist in relationships, families and communities. When we change we have an impact on everything and everyone around us. If something is going to be fantastic for us it will be easier to make it happen if it is fantastic for everyone else around us.


To be really successful with goal setting and visualisation we have to allow ourselves to have as real an experience as possible of the new reality we are seeking. When we use fantasy positively and responsibly it can help us change how we feel, which changes what we can do, which changes our life experience.


It is the experiential quality of fantasy that distinguishes it from ordinary thought and makes it so useful for driving change. Because of the way fantasy has such a powerful impact on our thoughts, emotions and sensations, we can use it to change the energy available to us in the ‘here and now’ rather than projecting our aspirations out into the future as something to move towards.


Self-development emerges out of self-awareness. Before focusing on what you want, which can sometimes generate a sense of lack, focus on what you already have with an attitude of gratitude, which is more likely to generate a sense of abundance. Any goal setting you then do is from an energetic platform of already ‘having’ rather than ‘not having’. We do not have to always be striving towards something.  We are already here. We already have it!


Napoleon Hill’s work ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is generally referred to in the context of goal setting and wealth attainment. His actual emphasis was on the ability to direct one’s will rather than have one’s will directed by others. He liked to finish his lectures with this message of gratitude: “Oh divine providence, I ask not for more riches, but more wisdom with which to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.”

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