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Why Do Fantastical Thinking?

you are what you eat, you are what you think,
you are what you feel, you are what you seek.

There is a relationship between thoughts, emotions and the physical world. As a species we are still at a point where we are trying to come to a common understanding of the nature of our own beings, of everything else around us and how everything is related to everything else. There is a big debate about it all. It is all up for grabs and we can all take part in that debate.

In the 1930's Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) commissioned Napolean Hill (1883-1970) to do a study of Carnegie's success. Out of that work came Hill's book 'Think and Grow Rich' in 1937. It is widely considered to be the foundation of the self-help genre although there were other great pieces of work done prior to and around that time by people like Wallace D. Wattles (1860-1911), Dr Kellog (1852-1943) who used holistic methods of healthcare with a special interest in nutrition and Stanley Leif (1892-1963), an osteopath with an interest in 'nature cure'. Leif set up Champneys in the UK in 1925 (a world famous spa for healing), and the British College of Naturopathy in 1936.

Everything is connected so everything matters. Everything we do, say and think matters. The choices we make matter. Who we choose to be matters. What we do affects what happens, so we can affect what happens by what we choose to do. If we choose to think about something fantastic, at the very least it keeps us out of anxiety and so changes the chemical composition of the body. At best it may well help us to manifest a more fantastic reality in the next moment because the next moment emerges out of this one.

This section will look at:

  • NEUROSCIENCE: New discoveries in the relationship between body and mind.
  • QUANTUM PHYSICS: Scientific support for Fantastical Thinking.
  • UNIVERSAL LAW: Maximising our advantage by using Fantastical Thinking.
  • CULTURAL SYSTEMS: Overcoming limitations and thinking bigger.


Chemistry, physics, biophysics and biology are now combining with ethology, psychology and psychiatry and becoming a collection of ideas which we are calling 'Neuroscience'.

Correspondences between physical symptoms and mental and emotional characteristics and patterns have been noticed by people doing bodywork such as osteopathy. Out of this came work like 'You Can Heal Your Body' and 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay and a concept called the 'Bodymind'.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) developed out of two men, Richard Bandler and John Grinder observing and 'modelling' methods used by early pioneers of this relationship between the body and mind. The tools of NLP allow us to challenge and change beliefs and perceptions created in the mind.

There are many new developments happening all the time in the field of neuro-science. Some are just old concepts re-named and some are pushing the boundaries of what we currently accept as True. An example of some radical new thinking would be Bruce Lipton and his discoveries in biology. More information can be found at

Dr Massaru Emoto has discovered that water forms different shaped crystals on freezing in relation to what sounds it has been exposed to. It is referred to as water having 'memory'. Given the human body is more that 70% water, the implications of this research for the human body are not yet fully understood.

Bruce Lipton's website

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is allowing science to see things in new ways and start to consider things that previous theories have not been able to encompass. One of the great opportunities of quantum physics is that there are now many different theories of everything. Scientists are debating amongst themselves, as well as with the people who are not scientists but who are just noticing what they notice.

Scientific theory now supports the idea that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Light is energy. The physical body, emotions and thoughts are all energy. As something occurs at one frequency of energy there will be a corresponding resonance (or activity) at all other frequencies. This is how all those things like affirmation, visualisation, success imagery, goal setting and having a positive mental attitude work. Everything is connected. This is why when we change our minds things actually change in the material world. We know this. We witness this.

New theories are emerging. It is a very exciting time for scientists and non-scientists. It is potentially more open. Some of the theories are difficult for non-physicists to understand. Professor Terry Rudolph at Imperial College London talks about Muons in a relatively simple presentation about his latest discovery in some cutting edge quantum physics and you can view his video on youtube.

Terry Rudolph, Imperial College London

Universal Law

That which tends to be referred to as ‘Universal Law’ is largely based on observations of experience by humans and behaviour of materials. This body of knowledge is loosely referred to as ‘Universal Law’ and sometimes 'Natural Law'.

One of the problems with ‘Universal Law’ is the lack of regulation and agreement over what the universal laws are, even within the parties who might feel that they acknowledge that 'Universal Law' does exist. General human experience and observation can be extremely variable and very difficult to measure.

There are several 'Universal Laws'. We don't have a common language for these things across disciplines. Many people are talking about similar things but, depending on their own position and background, they use different terminology.

The Law of Attraction is something that has been observed rather than invented. It is not is very, very old. It pertains to the behaviour of energy. It simply refers to the principle that energy resonates with energy that is like it.

There is a lot of sensationalised material out there about the 'Law of Attraction', emphasising that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. Whereas the essence of this does bear some truth in that we can choose our thoughts and behaviour, it is most important that we do not use the Law of Attraction as just another excuse to blame ourselves, or others, or to take on the judgement and blame of others.

Just to is not your 'fault' if you do not have everything you want. There are so many variables in operation which influence our reality that we cannot possibly compute their effect on us with the tools and cultural beliefs currently available to us.

Energy will resonate with energy that is like it. Different thoughts and emotions resonate at different frequencies. By ‘denser frequencies of energy we mean things like fear, guilt, judgement and despair. By higher frequencies of energy we mean things like love, joy, compassion and bliss.

The best way to create a fantastic reality is to do some Fantastical Thinking. One of the keys to your personal contentment is to use your conscious awareness to know what you know and use that knowledge to improve your situation. Another is to own your own authority whilst still having reverence for the views of others and 'All That Is'. You can LEARN how to operate with the highest integrity. If you operate with integrity you attract integrity. If you operate with Love you attract Love.

Exercises to support you in working with the Law of Attraction by raising your own vibrational frequency of energy are available in 'Fantastical Thinking:The real secret to working with the Law of Attraction' which is available to download as as a pdf from the courses section of this site or as a Kindle book from Amazon.

Gregg Braden's website

Cultural Systems

One of the problems we are facing is that we don't have a common language for these things across disciplines. Many people are talking about similar things but, depending on their own position and background, they use different terminology. Some people are trying to monetarise it, some people are trying to secure their positions as experts in it, some people are trying to prevent it being seen in any way other than their own.

Wherever you come from, just because you are a human being, the ability to be sensitive to and influence everything around you already belongs to you. You are already an expert. All you need to do now is keep on developing Self-awareness.

Different cultural systems not only have differing collective values and beliefs but they also use different languages. It is difficult enough to establish a common experience of a shared event when people speak the same language. Between languages it is even more difficult.

one giant leap video

More and more we are moving towards being a global community with an increasing need for tolerance and co-operation rather than competition. The following affirmation addresses the ‘difference’ and moves us towards the ‘commonality’ of our experience.


Create a safe space to work.

Go through the first relaxation exercise in the thought section of the site, then affirm:

  • I am an energy being in human form on earth.
  • My intention is Love without Judgement.